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April 02 2017

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April 01 2017

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March 28 2017


Long Distance Friendships: Games







We all find ourselves with a long distance friend eventually, whether because someone moved or it’s just easier for you to make friends online. The problem can be finding time to chat or, if you do find time, finding something to do. I have a lot of friends who live in other countries, so I’ve had time to hone my list of online games. These are games that are best accompanied with a Skype call! Please feel free to reblog this with more suggestions!

  • Pretend You’re Xyzzy > FREE; This is an online version of Cards Against Humanity. The games can be altered to fit your interests by choosing decks from cardcastgame.com
  • Agario > FREE; It is easiest to find your friends using the party mode. Have one person create a link, then share that link with everyone. Gang up on other players to climb to the top of the leader board
  • Minecraft > $27 USD; Minecraft is a great way to have a physical presence without actually being anywhere near your friends. Plus, you can build with each other and create other games within the game! I suggest looking into builds like Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play series
  • Board Game Online > FREE; This game is more mature and requires a lot of reading, but if you’re into board games and adventure, it’s worth looking into
  • Town of Salem > FREE; Town of Salem is a game known by many different names but has now been adapted for an online version. You may also know it as Werewolf. It can be difficult to get the hang of, so I would suggest reading the roles and these handy tips
  • Omegle > FREE; Omegle can be incredibly fun if used right. Decide on a mutual interest and try to find each other. You can attempt to find each other on cam, though be wary
  • The Jackbox Party Pack > $25 USD; Definitely worth the money. This pack gives you five games that test your trivia, your ability to lie successfully, and your artistic abilities. Also, check out Quiplash
  • FMK > FREE; Using a long list of names (be as aburd as possible), have a friend pick a number between one and ten. The first three multiples of that number and their corresponding names on the list are the people/characters/items that the player must choose to fuck, marry, or kill
  • Paranoia > FREE; Based on the post created on Tumblr. Using Skype, someone will private message a question. The answer must be said out loud in a call. Put 0 or 1 into RANDOM.ORG and, if it’s a 0, then the question remains a secret. If it’s a 1, the question is revealed.

not really a game but something fun to do:

Plug.dj > FREE; listen to music hosted on YouTube or Soundcloud together. You can create your own private room or join a public room. My friends use it a lot just to watch YT vids together but that’s your choice. There is an in-room chat.

On a similar note to that website, and I am thinking of creating a separate post to this one, you can share a virtual browser over at rabb.it for free! You can watch movies, listen to music, and basically pretend that you’re in the same room, without getting out of bed.

Wine or Cheese > FREE; This is a player-directed roleplay game, whereby one person becomes the narrator and another person (or a group of people), control the decisions in the storyline. The story can be about anything and go anywhere. The only limit is everyone’s imagination.

SkillGamesBoard.com > Free, you can play a lot of fun little logic games like connect 4, chess, reversi, etc. here with a chat. One or both of you can make an account or you can just be ‘anonymous.’

Epicmafia > pretty much the same thing as town of salem, but better. since the site comes with no tutorial, i wrote one up here!

Toot toot putting this here because I honestly have more online friends than irl friends


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March 26 2017

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old stuff

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March 24 2017

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Spaaaaaaace and the TARDIS

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